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ExiSto started as an Instagram page in February 2020.
It is a personal development project where I have wanted to encompass both the fact of sharing my own experiences related to "finding meaning in life", as well as combining with practical techniques based on Neuroscience and Spirituality (which today is shown to go hand in hand) that can be launched immediately and that, finally, we can manifest our desired life and transcend towards our purpose.
I'm about to release a new look for ExiSto:
I open the doors for the followers to become an expansive family. We start with a subscription so that members can benefit from exclusive content unique to subscribers. Subscriptions range from € 3 to € 30 and in each of the plans I have incorporated content that adds value to your experience WITH YOU through ExiSto.
In addition to the subscription, if you want to know more about my private sessions of Expansion, subscribe to my Newsletter, follow me on Instagram at @exi_s_to and send me a private message. I will love to read you!
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