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RECOnnect to your POWER withn.

Everyone has the power to change.

It's up to you.

Happiness Booster. Happy Heart Edition. March 6.
Happiness Booster. Happy Heart Edition. March 6.
06 Mar 2021, 10:00 GMT
Online Event on Zoom.

This is an hour-long experiential workshop where you will learn about this ancient Hawaiian Ho ´ oponopono technique to apply in your day-to-day life.

Some benefits of Ho ´oponopono:

It allows us to release limiting beliefs.

It helps us align our minds thus achieving peace.

It allows us to heal situations of conflict with people (family relationships, friends, co-workers, neighbors, partners, etc).

We feel more confident because we remember that we have the power to act in life.

It teaches us to heal ourselves.

It is a technique accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ... and it is free.

Workshop plan:

We all seek connection. Today it also works through screens. They do not separate us, but rather unite us. Therefore, we will begin this hour of Ho'oponopono with movement, with a "rooting" dance that you can join as soon as you start the Zoom meeting, and that you can do with your camera on or off, if it is more comfortable for you.

After getting to connect through the body with all the assistants, we will sit in front of the screen to learn a quick way to align ourselves that you can then practice in your day to day, whenever you want.

This part of the meeting will last about 10 minutes.

Next, Manuela and Alex will briefly explain the Ho'oponopono technique and why it works, based on scientific studies, as well as ancestral wisdom. At the end of the day, we will see that they say the same. In addition, both Manuela and Alex have years of experience with the practice of Ho'oponopono in our personal and professional lives.

After the explanation, we will take action.

We will do 3 simple exercises to apply the technique in situ. Living it you will be able to understand how it is used and thus be able to practice it whenever you think you need it.

At the end of the practices, we will open space for those who want to raise their hands and share their experience or sensation of what was lived at this time.

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Your Team




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Tzeitel Calle is a Nutrition Therapist. 

In her workshops you will find many nutritional answers, tips and recipes, healthy, balanced diets, all about vegan and plant based nutrition, food consciousness, therapeutic feeding, detox and infant nutrition.

Being the daughter of a homeopathic and nutritionist doctor and a vegan mother, having been a professional dancer and later studying drama, made her curious to understand how her body works to improve her physical and mental abilities, through nutrition. She has always been passionate about health and has kept her knowledge fresh to try to lead a healthy and balanced life.

She learned about holistic nutrition from an early age at home, worked in her father's clinic where she learned about the role of a holistic therapist and what it meant to help improve people’s health by observing the functioning of their organism as a whole and not separately. This is why, in 2011, she decided to train as a nutritionist and to study the degree of Higher Technician in Dietetics and Nutrition, at the renowned Javerianas Professional School of Health in Madrid (Spain).

She was trained in Elena Perea’s clinic, a renowned holistic and orthomolecular nutritionist who leads the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Madrid. She received her "Coach in Nutrition" and "Nutrition and Health" and “Therapeutic Nutrition”diplomas at Plaskett College of Nutrition in the United Kingdom.

She is currently part of the team at the Holistic Nutrition Institute of Madrid, she performs the role of tutor of the course of "Coach in Nutrition" and passes consultations too.

She combined all this with consultations in El Vergel, an ecological multispace in Madrid, and has participated in
many workshops and nutrition talks in different centers in Madrid, Belfast and Gran Canaria.


She also collaborates with the "Organic Meeting Point" brand, organising the

nutrition field for their events.
Together with her sister, Yamnia Calle they have founded "Streetsinbio", designed to share information on holistic nutrition, healthy habits, ecological and conscious consumption, recipes, and much more.

She likes to collaborate writing articles on food and health, for the web and print magazine "Objective Welfare" and “Triana Magazine”.

In the words of Ann Wigmore: “The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.”


Yamnia Calle

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Yamnia Calle has always enjoyed a lifestyle in close contact with Nature, both in the family and at school, something that entailed a type of healthy diet. As the years went by, the passion and interest for this type of life that involves respect for Nature in all aspects increased, that is how she began to investigate how to shape her dream of making the benefits of this lifestyle reach the majority in communion with the most organic and healthy possibilities.


In 2014 she managed to start the first project in Gran Canaria. In a fair / market format and in collaboration with public and private entities, they launched the first organic market under the name of Organic Meeting Point.

Given the good reception of the project, she continued organizing it on different occasions and dates, obtaining excellent support from the Gran Canaria local government. Given the knowledge acquired in this path in which she has known in depth veganism as a way of eating, She has been specializing in it through attending specialized courses in order to make vegan cooking, another way to express that love by nature.


Sarah Mathews

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Sarah Mathews of Well Fit Academy is a personal trainer and yoga teacher.

Currently using Zoom to connect with clients, Sarah teaches Interval Training, Yoga and Resistance Band sessions. Combining fitness and strength training with stretch and breath to provide clients with a complete fitness programme.

Sarah's clients vary in ability, age and fitness level as there is a place and a pace for everyone. Modifications and variations are provided to make exercises and yoga poses more accessible or more difficult.

Her clients across Europe continue to hit their fitness goals whether it's weight loss, maintenance or gain, increased cardio vascular endurance and performance in sport, improved flexibility and mobility as well as feeling more light, toned and healthy!




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Alex Piñeiro is the Founder of the Existo Personal Development Space and Host and Creator of Existo Radio Podcast.


She is trained in Generative Coaching at the IAGC with Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan. She is also a certified Pranayama Instructor (YogaLap Certification) and

Ho ´oponopono instructor by the Joe Vitale y Mathew Dixon training program.

She is also a Kalapgram Gurukulam Ashram (India) certified Meditation Instructor. 


She is currently  offering private and group sessions to share tools and practices to reconnect with our inner power and learn how to raise our vibe and achieve our goals in a happy relaxed way. 


Alex is also an actress (Ministry of Time - Netflix; Foreigner - HBO) , and front woman/lyricist in her band Kapland.


As a writer and filmmaker she is currently in the process of editing her first documentary.

Happiness Booster. Happy Heart Edition. March 6.
Happiness Booster. Happy Heart Edition. March 6.
06 Mar 2021, 10:00 GMT
Online Event on Zoom.


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