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My name is Alexandra Piñeiro Tew and I want to welcome you to ExiSto.

ExiSto is a personal development space. It´s is a place to share ancestral wisdom and scientific confirmations focused on our evolution as human beings who live together on this Planet called Earth.


It is important that we are happy. And it's possible to be happy.

The moment I realized that to live my desired life, only I could make the necessary adjustments within myself, I began to live each day, from morning to night, with a great feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment, focusig to everything that appeared in front of me with care and dedication, as if every object or situation vibrated by itself and needed my unique attention and reminded me of the need also to give myself kind attention in order to grow and expand.


We are creators of our reality.

The clearer our goal is, the more options we will see to walk towards it. If we walk on the path that brings us closer to our goals, we will be able to leave behind connections that don't serve us anymore. The old ways of doing things will disappear and the rusty neural pathways that no longer help us evolve will destintegrate.


The more we let go of what does not serve us, the more space we will have to focus on what really brings satisfaction and fulfillment in our day to day and, ultimately, in our lives.

I invite you to listen to my EXISTO RADIO podcast, or contact me if you need to express yourself. You can also try my Ho´oponnopono course (in Spanish, co created with my fellow artist Manuela Díaz) to begin to decode the old patterns and begin to trace new ones towards your goals in life, as well as my MMIEE course, which is the first course in Spanish that links fashion and personal development, co-created with my dearest friend, the fashion stylist Marta Gil.

My aim is to expand all my projects into English too. If this resonates and you want to collaborate please send me a message and let´s talk!


I trust my path because now I know what my goal is.

And when I know what my goal is, there is no other option, that is the way.

When I imagine getting that job, that couple, that house, that pet, that item of clothing, that book, when I imagine the applause, the signs of affection, the hugs from my loved ones, my feeling after having completed a task, when I visualize myself entering through the door to my new house, the most dreamed of, taking care of my plants in my garden, walking through the city and the neighborhood where I most want to live, when I feel as if that job that I want to do so much, that money I want to be mine, WHEN I FEEL IT LIKE MINE, I AM EXCITED.

Those emotions generate MAGNETIC ENERGY. It is proven by science. ⁠

So we DEFINE what we want to live, LET US IMAGINE that it is ours, LET US BE THRILLED to generate that magnetic energy and we begin to be amazed at the SYNCHRONIES that are beginning to happen.

DO YOU ALREADY TRUST YOUR WAY? Subscribe, or become a monthly member and let's start working towards our goals.

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