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Kapland arose from the need to transmit through music the creative and emotional concerns of the two members of the band, Alex Piñeiro and Koldo Uriarte.

Both Koldo and Alex have worked on tours of different national and international artists. It was precisely on one of those tours where they met and discovered that they shared the same way of understanding music.

With their previous album, "Simple You, Simple Me", released in 2014, they raised a different approach than previous works. The purpose was to capture in the most faithful way the ideas that boiled in the heads of the two components of the group, returning to the basics, at the beginning, to their truth.

Now with "3", the name that gives the title to their third album, they reappear with new, more electronic sounds, which reflects a certain nostalgia for the music of the 80s, and which becomes a journey from the pop they listened to as teenagers to the music of our days.

With their single "Up in the Sky" they have received between 2018 and 2019, and together with their producers the animation studio Cabeza Voladora, 13 awards for best video clip at film festivals such as First Glance Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA; Paris Arts and Movie Awards, the Saint Petersburg International Film Festival, Bugarte Film and Visual Arts Festival (Colombia) or the La Cruz and El Mar de Santa Cruz International Short Film Festival (Venezuela), Special Mention from the Public at the Avanca Film Festival (Portugal) and have received up to 90 nominations around the world (India, Paraguay, Italy, Romania, Russia, Canada, among others).

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