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It has always been difficult for me to see myself as a "multidisciplinary artist". On my way to knowing myself more inside, I have learned that I myself will be what he tells me.

I grew up in a bilingual family. my mother was English and my father is Spanish.

I have worked as an actress, and I continue to practice. Last year I had several joys: Kino Award for the best performance in the short film Language Barrier, directed by Helena Oller Biurrun, my character Anne in the film by Nely Reguera María y los otros (feature film nominated for two Goya Awards 2017) and appearances in fiction series such as El Ministerio del Tiempo or El Tiempo entre Costuras. On stage I was Lula on the tour of El Show de los Lunnis by TVE and Wendy, that of Peter Pan, at the Extraordinary Gala of Artists in Solidarity.

As a lyricist and singer, I have been with my Kapland project for 10 years, together with my partner in the band, the music producer Koldo Uriarte.

In addition to creating my own projects, I have worked (and continue to do so) taking the production of other artists on tours, for example, Amaral (currently), Bustamante, Rosa López, Soraya, Antonio José (La Voz), Operación Triumph ... in addition to being part of the artistic team at major music festivals such as the FIB de Benicassim, Cap Roig Festival, Viajazz, Negua, working hand in hand with artists such as Lady Gaga, Elton John, Wilco, Woody Allen , Rod Stewart...

My artistic training began as a dancer at the Royal Academy of Dancing
from the United Kingdom, where I trained in Classical Ballet, Tap Dance and Modern Dance.

As an actress, I trained with teachers of the stature of John Strasberg, Fernando Piernas, Fernanda Mistral, Assumpta Serna and Scott Cleverdon and I sing with Miguel Bernal, Miguel Tubía, Lidia García and Araceli Lavado.

My curiosity to understand the mind, life, and why the human being is here has led me to travel a lot, to discover many ancient teachings and to realize that there is much, much more to life than what we see every morning.

Much of this "much, much more" is inside of us, so instead of traveling so much outside, I decided to travel inside. In each learning or discovery I have felt, and continue to feel, the energy to communicate it and transmit it to all humanity (as a good Manifestor that I am). And this is why I am here and now as ExiSto. Because I want to communicate out loud that life is much more, that there are many ways to live it and that we all have a purpose.

Lots of love.